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Sports Medicine Consultancy & Athletic Program Support Services

We believe all students, athletes, patients and physically active individuals have the right to safe sports participation and access to appropriate healthcare.

Our Services

Athletic Event Coverage

Onsite, sport-specific care for your students, athletes and personnel

Sport Safety & Risk Mitigation

Concussion management procedures, emergency action planning, and other policy advisement


Programming to get your community up to speed on skills to manage concussions, injuries, and emergency conditions

Athletic Program & Coaching Assessments

Objective evaluations and recommendations to improve coaching, athlete, and department in success and safety

Injury Prevention

Strategies, and techniques to reduce likelihood of sport-related injuries and improve performance

Staffing Solutions

Offering assistance in the development of a Certified Athletic Trainer position to suit all needs of an organization

“Staffing an athletic trainer has raised our standard of care; both in prevention and injury management. Sport safety is the priority for our international school program."

Chris Bishop
Director of Athletics & Activities
Concordia International School Shanghai


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