American School of Warsaw

These resources have been carefully selected for the ASW program. Please utilize these links to enhance your program's policy and procedures.

CDC Heads Up - Parents Fact Sheet
Distribute to parents annually, display in proximity to athletics facilities & Health Office
CDC Heads Up - School Professionals Fact Sheet
Distributed to all School Faculty & Staff annually and displayed in employee gathering areas
CDC Heads Up - Concussion Tips for Teachers
Distributed by School Admin & Counselors to teachers with concussed student
CDC Heads Up - Nurses Evaluation Checklist
Utilized by School Nurses in head injury evaluation process
CDC Heads Up - Nurses ACE Care Plan
Utilized by Nurses for documentation
CDC Heads Up - Nurses Discharge Information
Distributed to concussed student and parent on home care 
CDC Heads Up - Healthcare Provider Referral Form
Utilized by students and parents when referred to physician for evaluation
Online Symptom Reporting - Sample Form
Utilized by Nurses or Counselors to evaluate a students symptomology remotely
NFHS Learning Center - Concussions for Coaches
Educational program completed by all coaches annually
NFHS Learning Center - Concussions for Students
Educational program completed by all student-athletes annually
Nationwide Children's - School Admin Guide to Concussions
Reviewed annually by school administrators to revise concussion management protocols

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