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Good Practice, LLC was proud to present at the Mediterranean Association of International Schools on "Improving Sport Safety in International Schools"

"We've always done it that way." - Abdul Chohan

The MAIS Annual Conference in Dubai UAE attracted global leaders in education. It was an incredible experience to discuss sport safety topics with accreditation boards, heads of schools, publishers, coaches, and educators.

The biggest professional takeaway for me was from Abdul Chohan's (The Olive Tree School) presentation on "Changing Beliefs." The presentation was geared towards the conceptual societal and educational shift to technology's progress. Abdul stated that the most expensive excuse an institution can make is:"We've always done it that way."

This poignant phrase notes the self-limiting and obstructive behavior in response to individual or organizational change. In my sphere of sport safety, this can also be the most dangerous phrase in athletics.

"Well, we never had a concussion policy so why do we need one now?" or "We have never had a significant sports injury, so why do we need an emergency plan or an Athletic Trainer?"

Keeping our heads in the sand on modern concussion management and emergency preparedness does not serve our student-athlete's best interests. It restricts the growth of an athletic department and opens the institution to risk. Simple steps in appropriate education and policy can provide a safe and healthy venue for your student-athletes.

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